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3 Carat Oval Cut Lab Grown Diamond

Oval cut lab grown diamonds in the 3 carat range are an elegant choice for an engagement ring. Oval lab grown diamonds are a stunning choice for those who love sparkle but are looking for a slightly more unusual style. They have become increasingly popular in recent years for engagement rings. Stars who have worn oval cut diamond engagement rings include Blake Lively and Hailey Bieber.
Oval cut lab grown diamond engagement rings can make your finger appear longer and more slender. Oval lab grown diamonds also appear bigger than they really are due to their larger surface area. 3 carat oval cut lab grown diamonds also work exceptionally well in custom jewelry, such as stud earrings and solitaire pendants. Choose a “Very Good” cut for a beautiful, sparkling oval lab grown diamond. Often, customers who want to maximize sparkle will choose a higher quality cut, in lieu of a large carat size, within their budget. To make your 3 carat oval lab grown diamond appear larger, choose a halo setting. Or let it stand out on its own in a solitaire setting.
Before purchasing your 3 carat oval lab grown diamond, make sure to request HD imagery of it. If you need help selecting your 3 carat oval lab grown diamond, reach out to us at 1-888-9RITANI or chat now.